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Unlike traditional courses, myClass gives students the flexibility to choose when they study, where they study and what they study. 

It also offers an online platform where you’ll be able to practise with exercises and have control over your bookings, so that you won’t have to miss another class again.

Use the myClass FAQS to find out about booking and bookmarking classes, cancelling a booking, your teachers and your Learning Index, and much more. Learn how to get the most out of myClass.

Connect to myClass through our iOS and Android application for a quick and full access to the platform.

Available on the App Store

Available on Google Play


1) Main Navigation

myDashboard, myCourse, myProgress, myTeachers and myOnlineResources

2) Learning Index and Profile

This lets you see your progress at a glance. You can see how many lessons you have paid for, how many lessons you have attended, and how many lessons you have left. It also gives you a motivating myLearning index which indicates whether you are making the progress you planned. It also shows (see the green tab) your Settings/Profile, where you can check and change your communication and profile preferences.

3) News Feed

Read all the latest myClass news and find out about myClass offers and promotions.

4) Class Calendar

Here you can see this week's lessons at your level.

Note: that you can only see either the Daytime classes or the Evening classes - click the tabs at the top left to switch between the two schedules.

5) myStudyPlanner

This helps you to book classes up to 4 weeks in advance. After you choose the day(s) and time(s) you want to study, you will see what is on offer at your level in the next four weeks. 

6) mySchedule

At the bottom of the myDashboard page, you will find mySchedule. This shows you all the lessons you have attended, and all the lessons you have booked for the future.


This page shows you what themes are currently available, and what themes are coming soon. Click in the left-hand menu to select these and you will see the lessons in the theme. Click on a lesson to see more details, including dates, times and teacher.

You can click here to book the lesson. You will then need to click the confirm button, which will deduct the lesson from your total. 

Alternatively, you can click the star if you want to favourite the lesson, and decide if you want to attend the lesson later.

Sometimes you may be offered help if you want to prepare for the class, or revise it afterwards.


This page shows the results of your assessments so far, and any courses you have completed in the past. 

It also shows your registration history, with credits you have bought in the past.


This page shows a list of all the teachers who have taught you so far.

You can click on their schedule to see which classes they are teaching at your level in the next four weeks.


Log in here if you want to practise your English online with online activities and exercises.

Booking a Class

myClass gives you the flexibility to select or change your class date, time, topic and even teacher. This can be done online, or from the myClass app (where available). 

Click on myStudyPlanner

Step 1: Filter course calendar

To change the time of day you want to look for classes, or to select the teaching centre, use the filter options.

Step 2: Choose your class

Use the course calendar on the myDashboard page to find the best times, and the most interesting themes and lessons for you.

Step 3: Book your class

Just click on a class for a description of the lesson’s content.

Click on Confirm to book that class! The tab will change to "booked". You can book lessons any time up to the start of the class. 

If you want to decide to attend the class later, or want to mark the class as interesting, you can favourite it by clicking on the Star.

Step 4: Lesson recorded in mySchedule

After you book a class, it will appear in mySchedule, below the course calendar.

Here you can find the date and time of your classes, and your classroom number and teacher's name.

Cancelling a Lesson

Find the lesson you have booked. For example, at the bottom of the myDashboard page, you will find mySchedule. 

Clicking on the X icon cancels your booking.

Remember: to get your credit back, you must cancel with more than 24 hours’ notice.

Using the myStudyPlanner - filters and more details

To build your course around your own needs and interests you should try to plan your lessons as far ahead as possible. 

1) Filters

You can use filters to help you plan. For example, if you can only attend on Mondays and Wednesday, click "Monday" and "Wednesday" filter tabs. You can use more than one filter: for example, you might also choose to limit the time to 6.30-8.00.

When you apply a filter, the filter tab will turn blue. If you change your mind, place your mouse over the same feature and click ‘x’. You must choose at least one day and one time to get results.

Notice how the available classes change, depending on your choice of day, time of day, and teaching centre.

Add "Filter by Teacher"

To filter classes by a particular teacher, click on Expanded View and then the teacher’s name. (You can also go to myTeachers in the main menu and view their schedule.)

Status Filter

This is to easily find classes that have free spaces, that your myClass friends have already booked into, or that you have starred previously.

2) Themes and lessons

myCourse, Themes and Badges 

Use Themes to take control of your learning and plan your personal study path. 

Step 1: Your Needs

What do you need your English for? Think about your needs and choose the themes that meet them best. You will find the themes on the left of the myCourse page. 

Step 2: Select a Theme

Step 3: Select lessons in a Theme

There are normally 4 lessons in each theme. You can click on the lesson to see more details about the lesson content. You can also see the schedule for that lesson - you can see the different times, places or teachers so you can choose which one to attend.

You can also book the lesson from here.


Clicking on the myThemeBadges tab allows you to quickly see how many lessons you have completed in each theme.

How can I track my progress?

At the British Council, you are not learning English on your own. Our professional teachers help monitor your progress throughout the course and advise you when you are ready to change level.

Every 10th lesson the teacher will formally assess your progress through a speaking task in class, and then upload your grades to the website for you to log on and check. You will normally receive an email advising you that the assessment is due.

Build up your portfolio from the lessons you attend and the work you do out of class.

More questions? Contact us!