myClass progression

 myClass is designed so you can advance on your learning while pursue your objectives.

This is a course that features our innovative method so that you can develop your English in order to fulfil your professional, academic and personal objectives. With the help of the myClass Internet portal and mobile app, you’ll have complete control to find, book and never miss a class. 

As a myClass student you get:

  • an online account to book your classes and check your progress
  • free access to a variety of online exercises and activities to practise your English
  • confidence in speaking and listening and regular feedback on your performance.

How does myClass work ?

myClass follows a non-linear structure, where the student can book classes from those we have available, as well as choose the school and pace that best fit their needs.

The level of your classes will depend on your ability.

Each level is organised into themes. All the levels build on each other to enable you to measure your progress. You can decide how many lessons from each theme you do depending on your interests and learning needs. 

Each lesson is 1.5 hours. There are currently over 100 lessons available per level. Once you have made sufficient progress, you can move on to the next level.

The myClass Portal is designed so that you won’t have to miss another class. Use your online account to book classes up to 10 minutes before class begins or cancel your bookings until 24 hours before the lesson. 

If you want to, you can also do further study online using our resources.

All lessons take place in our British Council teaching centres.

See examples of the classes and themes from different levels:


Clear communication on the phone

  • Arranging times and dates for a meeting
  • Confirming completed actions
  • Asking and giving information about hotels
  • Arranging delivery on the phone


Engaging in meaningful conversation

  • Talking about interests and hobbies
  • Making your feelings known
  • Asking about things we like
  • Arranging a social gathering


Buying and selling

  • Buying tickets for an event
  • Dealing with complaints
  • Negotiations
  • Making polite requests and offers


The big day out

  • An unforgettable occasion 
  • The football phenomenon
  • Social media
  • Is TV bad for us?



  • Small talk and networking
  • Presentations for international audiences
  • Global branding
  • English as a medium of instruction