Video: a look inside a British Council classroom

We nurture young learners’ developing language skills and equip them with the tools they need to become effective language learners for life. We do this through our communicative teaching methods delivered by dedicated and professional teachers to help young learners achieve their maximum potential.

Each of our centres in Portugal deliver their own unique style of courses, yet we all have the same ideals in common:

  • younger learner courses are topic-based, motivating and fun
  • children learn through creative activities which practise all the language skills
  • we develop their confidence and communication skills through natural interaction
  • our lessons also focus on building up vocabulary and grammar
  • we encourage learner autonomy
  • students use skills which help them to learn better
  • regular feedback is given on your child’s progress
  • our materials are carefully selected and challenging
  • we conduct our lessons entirely in English.

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