Companhia Maior – estreia mundial – Tim Etchells escreve, Jorge Andrade dirige

imagem: Amaya Gonzalez Reys

Friday 24 October 2014 - 21:00 to Monday 27 October 2014 - 16:00
Pequeno Auditório, Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisboa

The best and the fastest, the worst and the saddest, the longest, the most complex, the most difficult and the most entertaining

Companhia Maior joins the biennial Artist of the City 2014 in challenging the artist Tim Etchells. The challenge? To write an original text for the team of performers over 60 years old, which will be directed by the Portuguese director Jorge Andrade. 

The performance is still enveloped in a cloak of mystery which always covers first encounters. We only know that, true to form, Companhia Maior will deliver a performance fed by the energy of exploring the unknown.

The show begins with definitions provided by different artists about “the saddest thing in the world”, “the funniest episode on the Internet”, “the worst film ever made”, “the best way to die”, “the fastest way to fall in love” and “the most dangerous animal in the world”, among other topics.

Sometimes appearing to be nothing more than just a simple exchange of information about day-to-day life, the play immediately turns into a conversation about the world and the things that we know about it, and which we believe in. The eight actors are revealed through a complex map of opinions, stories and statements. The play’s territory shifts from the mundane world of recipes, domestic life and car maintenance, to the more abstract and philosophical realms of romance, morality, mortality, optimism and pessimism.

Everything serves as a pretext for storytelling! And who doesn’t enjoy a good story?

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