Reunião Plenária IETM Porto 2018 - 26 de abril 2018 a 29 de abril 2018
Thursday 26 April 2018 to Sunday 29 April 2018

IETM - International network for contemporary performing arts - is a network of over 500 performing arts organisations and individual members working in the contemporary performing arts worldwide: theatre, dance, circus, interdisciplinary live art forms, new media.

Our members include festivals, companies, producers, theatres, research and resource centers, universities and institutional bodies.

We hold two plenary meetings a year in different European cities, and smaller meetings all over the world

IETM Porto Plenary Meeting 2018 - 26 April 2018 to 29 April 2018

A lot has changed since we last came to Portugal, two decades ago. Artistic geography itself has become more dynamic than ever. How do the focal points on today’s maps evolve, how do the centres shift and the peripheries transform? We invite you to Porto, a city, which has been performing remarkable cultural policies, to engage in a challenging debate on how art relates to the processes of transforming centres of creation, dissemination and decision-making.

The pre-meeting trip to Guimarães will take place on 25 April, from 09.00 to 18.00. 

Registration deadline: 22 March.

Both IETM members and non-members are welcome to join the meeting.