Creative Hubs Forum

European Creative Hubs Forum - Lisbon 2015 
Creating Solutions for Creative Hub Managers

With the participation of more than 200 Creative Centre managers from 22 countries, this first major meeting clearly represented an important moment of affirmation for European creative industries.

Apart from the possibility of networking, the Forum presented an intensive programme of meetings covering topics such as public and private funding, training and exchange for managers, business models, among many others.

The last day was dedicated to structuring the results planned for the Forum such as the Manifesto and the mapping of European creative centres, leaving a clear perception of the importance of the event and the importance of continuing these initiatives.

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Business Development in the Cultural and Creative Industries, February 2014, Oliva Creative Factory - São João da Madeira

Business Development in the Cultural and Creative Industries

12- 14 February 2014 
Oliva Creative Factory - São João da Madeira

The British Council presented the Creative Hubs Forum organised by ADDICT (Agência para o Desenvolvimento das Indústrias Criativas), the British Council and the Oliva Creative Factory - Câmara Municipal de São João da Madeira.

The Forum brought together managers of creative hubs across Portugal and Spain, together with selected hubs from the UK and from across Europe.

The three day event provided a space for hub managers to meet, exchange methodologies and working practices, and develop local, national and European networks. The forum also included interactions with local creative businesses and organisations as well as policy makers. The forum also offered a chance to hear about new developments in EU funding. 

Aims were:

  • to promote the encounter, discussion and future collaboration among creative hubs and enterprises at regional, national and European level
  • to support hubs and clusters to explore contrasting infrastructures, business models, and the training and skills needed within their organisations
  • to lay the foundation for the development of an international network of creative hubs
  • to promote discussion of those developments in public policy needed for successful engagement with new European infrastructures and funding opportunities.

International Hubs attending

  • Zinc Shower (Spain) 
  • EDNO (Bulgaria) 
  • Betahaus (Germany)


  • Carlos Martins, expert on practice delivering policy and industry leadership across the creative, cultural and knowledge economies
  • Catherine Docherty, head of the Design Innovation Studio at Glasgow School of Art
  • Paulo Ferreira, Deputy Director of “Jornal de Notícias”.

Other contributors

  • Vânia Rodrigues (Independent Consultant in Cultural Management)
  • Dr Tom Fleming (director of Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy)
  • Gaëlle Croisier (British Council Brussels)