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We support teacher development in Portugal by working in partnership with educational organisations. We have been able to develop opportunities for teachers with the support of our partner, APPI (Associação Portuguesa de Professores de Inglês), the Portuguese association for teachers of English.

Conferences and Research

In Portugal, we highlight educational issues by inviting teaching experts to major national conferences and symposia. In 2013, we supported the 27th annual APPI conference on “ELT: From Strategy to Action” by inviting Alan Maley to give an opening plenary on “Learning to play the music” and Penny Ur, who delivered the closing plenary on “Where do we go from here? An overview of English teaching methodology in 2013”.

Building Capacity 

Since 1998, we have supported the training of teachers in partnership with APPI. The workshops and courses offer teaching methodology, practical advice on classroom techniques and teaching practice sessions with face-to-face tutor feedback. We are continuing to develop a suite of online teacher training courses designed for primary and secondary school English teachers. We aim to develop our collaboration with APPI by delivering these in partnership.


BritLit was started in 2003 as a joint adventure between the British Council in Portugal and APPI. It was developed to help teachers in Portuguese secondary schools to work effectively with the extended reading texts (short stories) in the national curriculum. The stories and poems featured in the BritLit resources are from contemporary British writers or those who have a strong connection with the UK.

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