•	We have developed a partnership with Vodafone to make English learning more appealing

We have developed a partnership with Vodafone which promises to make English language learning easier and more appealing.

On 09 June 2016, Vodafone Portugal remotely installed the first autonomously built LearnEnglish Mobile App onto Vodafone Android smartphones, via their “Updates” app. These apps utilise Vodafone’s payment mechanisms and discounts are being offered to Vodafone customers who use their charge-to-bill payment plan to purchase extra content.

With LearnEnglish Grammar for Vodafone, users can learn and improve their level of English through the numerous grammar exercises, tests and quality content provided by this interactive app. The British Council’s LearnEnglish Grammar app is a top educational application designed to help improve English grammar accuracy. The app has four levels, from Beginners (CEFR level A1) to Advanced (CEFR level C1), and has been designed to help strengthen users’ grammar skills. It allows each user to start at their own level and progress as they reinforce their knowledge.

12 January 2017 sees the launch of a second app, LearnEnglish Audio & Video for Vodafone. Here you can find our most popular English learning podcasts and videos, on topics such as UK food and culture, everyday life, and famous stories and poems. Extra features such as a moving audio script and pitch control have been added in the app to help with listening and understanding the podcasts.

With the wide range of content offered in the apps, this partnership with Vodafone will give users access to thousands of practice exercises at a more affordable price. The app offers free sample content for different language levels.  Vodafone Android customers are able to buy additional Learning Packs, at a 15% discount off the normal price, using their Vodafone payment plan.

This new application is available for Vodafone Android smartphones via Vodafone’s Updates app. Customers without the Vodafone Updates function can install it by simply sending a free SMS with the text "BC" to 12345, or downloading it from the Portugal Google Play Store.

This is the first commercial partnership between our organisations and the first time that Vodafone Group has allowed another organisation to utilise their payment plan.