Learning Technologies for the Classroom

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Learning Technologies is an online course that introduces basic technologies that can be used in the English language classroom in an efficient, engaging and effective way, and shows you how to integrate learning technologies into your lessons.

The course will help you to:

  • understand how and why learning technologies are being used in education
  • develop an awareness of the learning technologies available today
  • develop an ability to critically evaluate what is available on the web
  • develop a knowledge of practical applications of the technologies
  • develop a technical understanding of the tools and the technical skills necessary to use these in class
  • apply this knowledge in order to integrate learning technologies into syllabi and lessons
  • use learning technologies in a safe, engaging and effective manner
  • recognise the potential of new web tools as learning technologies.

You’ll also benefit from practical classroom examples, as well as hints and tips on how to use and integrate technology into your lessons according to pedagogical principles.


Each online unit (30 in total) lasts around 2.5 hours, and includes links and video demonstrations about the technologies involved. The units includes a wide range of practical ideas and web resources that teachers can directly use with their learners. The course is organised into 4 modules:

Module Content
1 Issues in Learning tech
2 Tech tools
3 Tech techniques
4 Language development with tech

Each module consists of:

  • articles, videos and presentations on the uses of learning technologies
  • teaching ideas, lesson plans, 'how to' tutorials
  • forums and wikis for participants to collaborate in
  • exercises to test and extend knowledge
  • links to further resources
  • opportunities for reflection and learning through practice
  • an end-of-level quiz to test that learning outcomes have been met.

Detalhes e preços dos cursos

Learning Technologies for the Classroom (self-access)

This course introduces teachers of English to the main aspects of using learning technologies inside but also outside the language classroom. The course focuses on the educational uses of web resources and technologies, Microsoft Office applications, online video and audio and social networking.

Aimed at A variety of teacher audiences, but especially intended for inexperienced teachers or teachers in pre-service training who wish to receive an introduction to ICT and experienced teachers who are being introduced to learning technologies for the first time through in-service training.
Level of English B1+
Duration 4 modules, 30 units, 2.5 hours per unit for a total of 75 hrs
Start date(s) Open for enrolment
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Normal price GBP 10.00 per unit, or GBP 90.00 for any 10 units
(GBP 270.00 for all 30 units).

Promotional offer:

EUR 95.00 for any 10 units = 25 hours, or
EUR 290.00 for the whole course (75 hours),
using promo code pt-british2015m

Application For more information and to apply please visit our TeachingEnglish Learning Technologies page
Technical requirements Email address, computer, reliable internet connection (minimum speed 56kbps, preferably broadband), access to Microsoft Word or a similar word processor, access to Adobe Reader (free) to open PDF files
Certificate A British Council downloadable certificate of completion is provided to participants on completing the course and the required tasks.
Downloads and further resources

Learning Technologies for the Classroom course outline