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“Primary Essentials” teacher training special offer in partnership with Associação Portuguesa de Professores de Inglês (APPI).

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British Council’s “Primary Essentials”” online moderated teacher training course is aimed at teachers in recruitment group 120 and 220, who have a CEFR English level of B2 or above. 

This Primary Essentials course starts on 09 January 2017 and will involve about 3 hours of study per week over 12 weeks; 36 hours in total. 1.4 credits (CCPFC/ACC: 81431/15).

The course includes an introduction to the essential principles and practice of primary English language teaching. More information: 

For more information about how to apply then please visit APPI's website:

Primary Essentials is an online teacher training course for primary school teachers of English who want to develop their teaching skills without attending a face-to-face course. It’s delivered via Moodle and has six highly practical modules plus lots of live classroom videos showing the techniques being used.

The course takes approximately 46–50 hours to complete. This includes online work, where you have to complete tasks and discuss topics with other participants plus self-study. The self-study activities include assignments, lesson planning and reflection on your lessons. You’ll be assigned a tutor who’ll support you throughout your course.


  Module Content
1 Introduction This module looks at a variety of factors that contribute to the way children learn.
2 First steps in teaching children This module looks at a variety of factors that contribute to the way children learn.
3 Songs and games Songs and games have always held a unique place in children's learning. This module explores why this is so and looks at how to use songs and games effectively in the classroom.
4 Learning styles This module explores differences between learners and considers different learning styles.
5 Syllabus and lesson planning The syllabus gives us an outline of the work that must be covered in the course of a year. In this module we look at the different approaches and methods that can be followed.
6 Classroom management This module covers a range of skills for organising your time, the learning environment and the learners themselves.

The course also includes sections for self-assessment and forums to discuss your learning topics with networks of teachers across the country or internationally:

  •  The reflective journal is your own diary space.
  •  The plenary forum allows you to discuss any pedagogic issues or questions that arise during your study.
  •  The technical forum will support you with troubleshooting.
  •  The social forum allows you to talk to your colleagues on the course.

Detalhes e preços dos cursos

Primary Essentials (moderated course)

A moderated training course developed for teachers of English working with young learners aged 6 to 11. The course contains audio, classroom video and community elements. 

Aimed at Teachers with some primary EFL experience who wish to receive a practical primary EFL development course, experienced English teachers who are thinking of moving into the primary sector, and experienced primary EFL teachers who feel the need to upgrade their primary EFL teaching skills.
Level of English B2+
Duration 34 hours over 12 weeks
Start date(s) 18 August 2016  (Deadline 08 August)
Course calendar

18 August 2016 for 12 weeks


Normal price GBP 210.00

Promotional offer:

EUR 225.00 using promo code pt-british2016m

Application For more information and to apply please visit our TeachingEnglish Primary Essentials page
Technical requirements Email address, computer, reliable internet connection (minimum speed 56kbps, preferably broadband), access to Microsoft Word or a similar word processor, access to Adobe Reader (free) to open PDF files
Certificate Yes, certificate of achievement with the tutor's signature and course grade.
Downloads and further resources

Primary Essentials course outline

Free to download Crazy Animals and Other Activities for Teaching Young Learners resource book