Special Educational Needs

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Our Special Educational Needs self-access online course is aimed at teachers of English but the content is appropriate for all teachers working with learners with special needs. It is also suitable for both primary and secondary teachers and not just for SEN (Special Educational Needs) specialists.

The course will help to:

  • inform teachers about a range of special educational needs and how they affect teaching and learning
  • give teachers a set of teaching strategies which promote inclusive learning and benefit all pupils
  • guide teachers in developing an inclusive approach in their classroom or school
  • support teachers in becoming more confident when dealing with learners with special educational needs.
  • help teachers identify and overcome their own biases and prejudices.


The course consists of 11 units covering the following areas:

Unit Content
1 Introduction
2 Dyslexia
3 Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
4 Visual/hearing/physical impairment
5 Social, emotional, behavioural difficulties
6 Autism/Asperger’s Syndrome (AS)
7 Gifted and talented
8 Multicultural and impact on learning difficulties
9 Dyspraxia
10 Language and speech
11 Assessment


The course is 100% self-access. However, you can also complete a portfolio which is assessed by a tutor and on which the participants are given a final assessment of Excellent/Satisfactory/Development required.

The assessed portfolio tasks will take an additional 8 hours to complete, completing tasks on 8 of the units. Your tutor will assess and give you feedback on your portfolio tasks for eight units.

Detalhes e preços dos cursos

Special Educational Needs (self-access)

The course is designed to give you an overview of the different special educational needs. The activities are primarily aimed at supporting learners identified as having SEN (special educational needs). 

Aimed at Teachers of English teaching primary and lower secondary learners and teachers teaching through the medium of English.
Level of English B1+
Duration 11 online workshops units for a total of 33 hours.
The assessed portfolio tasks take an additional 8 hours to complete.
Start date(s) Open for enrolment
Course calendar

You can start our self-access courses when you want!


Introduction unit - free of charge

GBP 12.00 per individual unit,  or GBP 100.00 for all 11 units

If you would like your portfolio to be assessed by one of our SEN expert teacher-trainers, there is an additional charge of GBP 55.00 

Promotional offer (all units):

using promo code pt-british2016m:
EUR 105.00 (full course with unassessed portfolio), or
EUR 165.00 (full course and assessed portfolio)

Application For more information and to apply please visit our TeachingEnglish Special Educational Needs page.
Technical requirements Email address, computer, reliable internet connection (minimum speed 56kbps, preferably broadband), access to Microsoft Word or a similar word processor, access to Adobe Reader (free) to open PDF files
Certificate A British Council downloadable certificate of completion is provided to participants on completing the course and the required tasks.
Downloads and further resources

Special Educational Needs course outline