Exhibition: Radical Arcadia Lisboa 2019
5ª feira, dia 03 de outubro de 2019 - 16:00 até Domingo, dia 13 de outubro de 2019 - 20:00

Radical Arcadia is an interdisciplinary and off-site project of Catalyst Arts. It investigates and questions the idea of Arcadia as the poetic shaped space of harmonious living between human and nature. It aims to spark dialogue that falls into topics in art, science, anthropology and architecture, rethinking about our ecological relationships with our spatial environment. The project consists of a new cross-art form commission by artists Paddy Bloomer and Jasmin Marker, works on paper through an open call responding to the exhibition theme, and audio session featuring David Shrigley’s Goat Music.


Paddy Bloomer is a Belfast-based artist and inventor who works with building typologies, structures and components which are drawn from everyday values as a process to understand and subvert permacultural principles. This includes exploiting unusual power sources, waste disposal, Health and Safety legislation and public infrastructures. In response to Lisbon Architecture Triennale: Taking the Country's Side, Paddy revisits ideas from his previous innovative structural projects 'Barn' and 'Deployable Crannog'.

Jasmin Marker is a Belfast-based, German-born interdisciplinary artist working at cross-sections of bio-art, installation and [mostly non-human] performance. She often collaborates with members of the microbial kingdoms, exploring holistic approaches to sustainability. In this exhibition at Zaratan Arte Contemporânea, Jasmin uses Algae as a case study to investigate the concept 'Homo Economicus'. Her work encourages viewing human and non-human existence and relations with equal footing, speculating a world that neutralises our resistance to 'natural threats' and cohabitation with 'invasive species'.

Isabel English is an Irish artist currently based in Belfast. Her work revisits and extends the work of the architect Claude-Nicolas Ledoux, a precursor of utopian city. She deconstructs architectonic elements from the ideal space and objects, natural or constructed, to envisage a contemporary arcadia where space can be indefinite, spontaneous or moveable.

Michael Hanna is a Belfast-based artist and co-founder of the artist-run organisation AMINI (Artists' Moving Image Northern Ireland). His photography reads beyond the surface of Lagan Weir, the main river in Belfast, and focuses on how the function and symbolism of the river is shaped and co-created by man-made system and activities in time. 

Hayley Gault is a freelance curator, rural practitioner and farmer who lives and works between Belfast and Magheramorne. Her aim is to form a sustainable practice which expands concepts of artist, curator, researcher, producer, farmer, writer, and one which centres around environment, its ideologies, its futures, its realities and its practicalities, tracing contemporary modes of production of art, culture and food.

More information: https://www.catalystarts.org.uk/blogposts/catalyst-at-lisbon-radical-arcadia-3-oct-13-oct-2019