Our Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) are free programmes which extend teachers' and students' learning.

Our Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) are free programmes which extend teachers' and students' learning through approaches beyond the linguistic. Our MOOCs are delivered on the FutureLearn platform. Find out more about the courses we are offering in 2020.

British Council MOOCs

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Ideas for a Better World: Leading Change Through Policymaking
November 2019, 4 weeks @ 2hours/week

Policy change can affect billions of lives. What if you could create policies to enhance societies, transform lives and change the impact we have on the world? On this course supported by the Møller Institute at Churchill College, University of Cambridge, you will build knowledge and awareness about policymaking and leadership. Learn from global policy experts and hear innovative perspectives from policy leaders creating change all around the world. Listen to guest speakers from the United Nations, UK House of Lords, and The Elders, and learn to create your own policy action plan.

Exploring English: Language and Culture:
September 2019, 4 weeks @ 2hours/weeks
Join this English language course for an introduction to British culture as you work to improve your English language skills.
English for the Workplace:
September 2019, 4 weeks @ 2 hours/week
This course for learners of English helps you with the language you need to find a job and successfully function in the workplace.
Migrants and Refugees in Education: a Toolkit for Teachers
October 2019, 4 weeks @ 3 hours/week
Learn how to teach and support young people across the globe affected by violence, conflict or displacement.
Study UK: a Guide for Education Agents and Counsellors:
October 2019, 3 weeks @ 3 hours/week
Develop your knowledge of UK education, the UK as a study destination and the benefits of Study UK.
NEW: Study UK: Prepare for Work
October 2019
details to be confirmed
Understanding Language:
starts 21 October, 4 weeks @ 3 hours/week
An introduction to some key concepts in the effective teaching and learning of languages.

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Ideas for a Better World: Leading Change Through Policy Making MOOC

Policy change can affect billions of people’s lives. What if you could create policies to change our societies, transform people’s lives and change the impact we have on the world. Leading change through policy making will help you see your ideas for a better world become a reality. 

From signing a petition at home to advising Presidents and global leaders at the United Nations, policy change can start anywhere and be led by anyone. 

For teachers

Teaching English: How to Plan a Great Lesson 

The MOOC runs for four weeks, with registration open right till the end. It is for English language teachers in primary, secondary or higher education.

On the course, participants will look at four professional practices, share  teaching experiences, and apply what they have learnt to their Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Participants will learn to understand and build a rapport with their students. They will explore the key factors to remember when planning lessons and courses, including using resources like technology and flashcards. They will also learn how to manage the lesson and keep students engaged with their teaching methods.

Language Assessment in the Classroom

Language Assessment in the classroom is for secondary-school teachers and anyone with an interest in finding out more about assessment. In this course, participants will learn about the principles of language assessment. They will develop an understanding of the ideas behind the different types of tests and how they can be applied to assessment for the language classroom. With guidance from experienced test developers and international assessment experts, they will explore practical ways of assessing language knowledge and different language skills, so that they will be able to identify appropriate assessment tools for their educational context.

For Education Agents and Counsellors

Study UK: a Guide for Education Agents and Counsellors 

Develop your knowledge of studying in the UK. This online course from the British Council will provide international education agents, school counsellors and consultants with advice on all aspects of UK education. Further information is included around becoming a professional education agent for the UK if relevant for you. It will develop your knowledge of: the UK education and training system; the attractions for students in the UK; quality assurance systems and how they operate; student lifestyle issues; welfare and support for international students; and application processes and entry requirements.