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New: Art and Culture for the Lockdown

Welcome to our free Arts and Culture resources to inspire and educate the whole family without leaving the house. 

With museums, galleries, theatres and events venues closed during the lockdown, cultural and arts-related activity has taken a big hit around the world.

But don’t despair! Lots of creative individuals and organizations are doing their bit to keep culture vultures busy and inspired. Many are even providing extra content and access to events for free, so even if art galleries or museums are not usually your thing, this might be your chance to improve your cultural knowledge and, who knows, kickstart a new passion! We will post a new arts and culture theme at least once a week.

All of the resources are free although some may have paid versions to access extra features. Please note that many free resource platforms are funded through advertising – please check that you are happy for your children to view such content before they access it.

This week, we look at the theme of Fine Art.  Check out our tips below to start your (and your family’s) cultural voyage of discovery.