A Noite da Literatura Europeia: 08 de junho de 2019

European Day of Languages

On 28 September, between 14.00 and 19.00, EUNIC Portugal and the European Commission Representation in Portugal will mark this day with a cultural programme and some language activities

Night of European Literature: June 2019

The Night of European Literature is a literary event dedicated to contemporary European literature, an initiative promoted by the Czech Centers (the cultural centres of the Czech Republic) since 2008, and which is held annually in several European countries.

In Portugal, the first Night of European Literature was celebrated on the 24 May 2013. Since then, this literary soirée – which is organized by EUNIC Portugal – has already been held in the zones of Chiado and Rato (2013), Príncipe Real (2014 and 2015), and of Carmo and Trindade (2016 and 2017), Bairro Alto (2018). Since 2014, it has been part of the Festas de Lisboa, with a steady increase in the number of participating countries – from an initial eight to fourteen – and the number of spectators has grown from 1300 in its first edition to about 4300 in 2018.

With reading sessions that take place every half an hour, this is an opportunity to get to know European literature. From novels to theatre, from poetry to children's books, it's 15 minutes of listening to pages from an unknown work, and then another 15 minutes to scour the map, move on to the next space and discover a new work.

In 2019, the most international literary event of the Festas de Lisboa will once again fill the streets on June 8th. In its 7th edition, the European Literature Night moves to the historic Colina de Santana, and entry remains free.

In all, there are 14 countries represented in this edition of the European Literature Nights, where you can find names like Daniel Kehlmann (Germany), Judith Nika Pfeifer (Austria), Dubravka Oraić Tolić (Croatia), Leopoldo María Panero (Spain), Maria Turtschaninoff (Finland), Maylis de Kerangal (France), Christos Ikonomou (Greece), John Banville (Ireland), Enrico Ianniello (Italy), Olga Tokarczuk (Poland), João Tordo (Portugal), Kamil Bouška (Czech Republic) and Radu Paraschivescu (Bucharest). British literature will be represented by Fiona Mozley and her work "Elmet: Disenchanted Lives".

The opening event is scheduled for 18.00 at the Carpintarias de São Lázaro, and will be delivered by a special guest - Casa Fernando Pessoa.

You can find more information on NLE social networks.

EUNIC Portugal was founded in 1996 and is made up of the cultural institutes and embassies of member countries of the European Union with a presence in Lisbon. It has the support of the Representation of the European Commission in Portugal, and is dedicated to the promotion of European identity through cultural activities.

The British Council is a founding member of EUNIC Portugal.

Europa 61

Between 16 and 22 May, at the Cinema Trindade, in Porto, we had a week of European cinema to reflect upon the idea of Europe during a period between two dates of particular importance to the EU: 09 May celebrates Europe Day, and on 26 May there will be elections to the European Parliament.

Between 16 and 22 May, at the Cinema Trindade, in Porto, there will be a week of European cinema to reflect upon the idea of Europema europeu

The series celebrated European identity in its many forms: cultural, social and political, through 14 filmes from 14 different countries (Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain and the United Kingdom). The French Revolution, World War II, the Prague Spring and the current refugee crisis are just some of the themes that the programme addresses.

// programming: Carlos Nogueira

// full programme available at : 

// organization:
Representação da Comissão Europeia em Portugal
EUNIC Portugal

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