Do you want stay a step ahead of your competition?  

The key for that is a work team with excellent communication skills at every level. 

British Council Training for companies can provide you with flexible and personalised training in English and Business skills:

  • for groups or individuals, 
  • on your premises, at our premises around the country, or online
  • in general English (e.g., for negotiating) or for specialised situations (e.g., fine-tuning a particular conference presentation) 

We also administer professional tests and exams

We are recognised by DGERT.
Entidade equiparada a certificada pela DGERT. 

See which of our five packages is best for you, then contact us.

1: Student discounts for organisations

Improve your training - send members of your staff to our classes. This means faster progress as individuals can study at their different linguistic levels.

We can give you a discounted fee, depending on the number of students you enrol

Contact us to find out more.

2: Our teachers on your premises

You can have our lessons on your premises.

We will provide a fully-qualified native-speaker level teacher who will work with groups or individuals at your workplace. We will test their initial level and also give you regular updates on your employees' progress throughout the course.

We will teach your staff our British Council English courses, and we can also offer various specialised courses: see Package 3 ... 

3: Specialised courses, workshops and seminars

We can also provide training in Professional English and work-related skills.

Our Business English courses will help you to use English in a realistic working context, and you can include various training modules across a range of soft skills such as negotiations, presentations and report-writing. 

We also offer English for specialised purposes (e.g. English for tourism) and tailor-made specialist training programmes (e.g. equal opportunities and diversity training)

All courses can be on our premises or on yours.

For more details contact us.

4: Commission a workshop or course

Do you need a specialised course or workshop for a particular group or individual?

We can create a course or workshop designed especially for you, based on your needs.

The British Council is a global organisation, and we have access to a vast range of resources and skills. We can provide solutions to deliver what you want - from small-scale specialised one-to-one seminars, to rich multimedia courses.

For more details contact us.

5: British Council Testing Service

Organisations often need to find out how well their staff speak or write English. This may be part of the recruitment procedure, or to allocate training resources, or a simple benchmarking exercise. 

Our testing service can help. We offer our own testing procedures, as well as being a centre for internationally recognized language exams such as BULATS, BEC, IELTS and Aptis.

We also act as a centre for many professional qualifications, such as ACCA, CFA, Open University and University of London exams.

For more details contact us: Testing Service


Still not sure which is the best solution for you?

Why not talk it over with us? We can help you to find how to achieve your training needs within a particular budget. Whatever package you choose, we will help you and your organisation to improve your English, making you confident English speakers in today's business world.

Temporary contact information

Please contact us via our webform or through Customer Services: 210 456 210

Help us to answer you more quickly by including notes under these five headings:

  1. Topics/Skills of interest to you and/or your company
  2. Estimated numbers of course/seminar participants
  3. Estimated number of hours per week
  4. Estimated duration of training
  5. Preferred timetable (days/weeks)