Lisbon drop-off point
Drop-off point, Lisbon

Access to Lisbon

The main entrance to British Council Lisbon.

We welcome visitors with disabilities and those bringing pushchairs. If you need help with access, or have any questions, please let us know.


British Council Lisbon is located in a converted palacete built in the 1880s.

Rato metro station is 600m away.

Cais do Sodré train station is 1.75km away.

773/758 bus stop is 200m away.

The palacete is two small blocks down a steep hill with narrow pavements made of basalt mosaic, which is both uneven and  slippery when wet. 

A more level approach to British Council Lisbon route from Rato is via the route Rua Escola Politécnica > Rua da Imprensa Nacional > Rua Gustavo de Matos Sequeira > Rua Luís Fernandes.


The nearest car/táxi/motorbike drop-off point is the corner of Rua São Marçal and Rua Luís Fernandes (see photo above).

This drop-off point is 25m from the main entrance.

You can order an accessible taxi from Autocoop (pronounced "OW-toe-coop"). 

Phone (+351) 217 932 756 (cannot be ordered via internet)

Book preferably a day (or as far as possible) in advance

Ask for 


um taxi para transportar pessoas

com mobilidade reduzida

oom TAK-zi 

PA-ra trans-por-TAR 


con mo-bi-li-DAD 



Lisbon does not have a public car park.

There are parking spaces in our car park for those who need special accommodations. To use these you need to contact us before your visit. 

There is also a public parking space for those who need special accommodations outside the building, on the corner of Rua São Marçal (See photo above: "P" to left of gate). This is free and available between 08h00 and 19h00.  To use it you need to have a "dístico de deficiente" (equivalent to a blue badge).

There are public paying parking spaces on most of the roads near and around the centre.

The nearest public car park, Telpark, is just under 500m away. It is a paid park as well. You can find more information here:



You can access the British Council Lisbon building without stairs or steps via the main entrance on the corner of Rua Luís Fernandes and Rua São Marçal. The main door is accessible to wheelchair and pushchair users via a ramp. 

You can see a photo of the main entrance above.



As you enter the building you will need to go through a security check. This may involve someone checking you and your bag.

If you are a regular user of the building with a British Council membership card, you will need to display this. Other visitors will be issued with a Visitor's Card which you will need to display at all times. To get a Visitors Card, you will need to show photo i/d.

If you have any concerns about the security check, please contact us before your visit.


Access Reception in Lisbon
There are five steps leading up from Reception to the rest of the building, with a handrail on the right as you enter. There is also a wheelchair lift.


After the Security Desk inside the Main Entrance there is a set of five steps leading up from Reception to the rest of the building.

These steps have a handrail on the right hand side as you enter.

The width of the main entrance door is 115 cm.

To avoid these steps, there is wheelchair or pushchair access via a wheelchair lift which goes up 85 cm. The width of the platform is 80 cm. 

Assistance dogs are welcome.

There are several customer service desks 15m to the left of the reception. Our staff will be happy to help if you require any assistance.

If you use a wheelchair, we will speak with you about a suitable emergency evacuation plan.


British Council Lisbon is on four levels.

The ground floor has wide level corridors accessible to visitors using wheelchairs. Other floors of the building are only accessible by stairs.

Most stairs have a handrail on both sides.

Unfortunately there is no lift in British Council Lisbon. Please contact us before your visit if this will pose a problem so that we can make alternative arrangements.

There is a café in the basement, but you can ask for food and drink to be brought to your location.


There are accessible classrooms on the ground floor.

These classrooms are equipped with computers (and sometimes tablets) with standard Windows accessibility tools. 


There are accessible meeting rooms on the ground floor. 


There is an accessible toilet on the Ground Floor in the corridor between Customer Services and Room 201/Conference Room. It is suitable for people using wheelchairs.

The width of the toilet door is 85 cm. It is a sliding door.