English Online - Hybrid Learning: A combination of online and in-centre classes
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Our hybrid English Online course allows you to mix in-centre classes and live online classes according to your needs and schedule.

You can practice and improve your English skills in group classes and private one-to-one classes. Our course allows you to either focus on workplace English or social English or combine both according to your learning goals. Learning English with our hybrid English Online course enables you to: 

  • learn with expert British Council teachers
  • customise your timetable, choose classes based on your goals and interests
  • get access to Live25 teacher-led grammar webinars
  • practice with engaging online exercises and materials
  • enhance your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills
  • improve your grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation
  • track your progress and get personalised feedback
  • earn British Council badges and certificates to celebrate your achievements.

This course is available for the following levels: elementary to advanced.

Course packages

20 credits | 3 months

Best choice if you have limited time and want to become more confident in using English.

Price: EUR 393.00

40 Credits | 3 months

Best choice if you want to become a more confident communicator.

Price: EUR 678.00

60 Credits | 3 months

Best choice if you want a complete, comprehensive course to fast track your English.

Price: EUR 946.00

Available Classes

  • After you choose a package of class credits you can use those to book these classes:  
  • Live online group classes - 55 min / 1 credit
  • Live online private classes - 25 min / 2 credits
  • In centre face-to-face classes - 90min / 2 credits


Our online group and private classes are available 24/7. The timetable for in-centre classes depends on each teaching centre.

You can find all our class times in your future English Online student account.


  • Online 24/7
  • Coimbra
  • Lisbon
  • Porto

What is hybrid learning?

English Online hybrid learning offers you the best of two worlds: a dynamic and interactive online international classroom experience, as well as in-centre classes at your preferred British Council Teaching Centre.

We offer students complete flexibility and the chance to customise their studies to fit their personal needs and preferences.

Book group and private classes and mix in-centre classes with live online classes!

You can set your own schedule based on the class date, time, topic, or even the teacher!

What is the difference between in-centre classes and live online classes?

We offer students a flexible and totally customised course, with a variety of online and in-centre classes to choose from.

With English Online blended learning, you can customise your study plan to suit your own preferences and study goals. You can choose to join:

  • 90-minute group in-centre classes. These classes take place in our teaching centres across Portugal/Poland. Each class is 90 minutes long and covers English speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills. In each lesson you will learn new vocabulary and phrases, practise pronunciation and grammar, and improve your accuracy.
  • 55-minute online group classes with maximum 10 students per session – these classes include a set topic and focus on speaking and listening tasks. You will learn with other students at the same level as you, and you will receive instant feedback on your speaking, grammar and vocabulary. At the end of each class, the teacher will share valuable class materials with you for additional practice;
  • 25-minute online private classes with our expert teachers – choose between private sessions with a set topic or book a freestyle private class and choose what you want to focus on. For a more intensive and personalised experience, you can attend private classes with your favourite teachers and learn at your own pace. Whether you want to learn about a set topic in a one-to-one setting or work on a specific task that is personalised to your study goals, we have the right private class for you! You will receive a report with personalised feedback after every private class you attend, which will help you track your progress;
  • 25-minute grammar or pronunciation webinars called Live25 sessions – these sessions are completely free and included as part of your subscription. You can join 4 of these sessions every month with an active subscription and use them as an opportunity for additional practice between your regular group or private classes. If you need extra help with understanding English verb tenses or  how to use intonation in a sentence, Live25 sessions offer you the opportunity to advance your knowledge.

Each online class you book with a set topic includes access to premium online exercises that you complete before and after your live session with your teacher. These exercises will help you improve your reading, listening and vocabulary skills, as well as help you practice and revise what you have learnt after your class. To browse our available classes, you can set up a free English Online blended learning account.


What are the technical requirements for the online classes?

Learning with us is easy. You need a desktop or laptop computer, a reliable internet connection, a headset or headphone with a built-in microphone, and the free video conferencing tool Zoom.

Need any help or want to test your English level? Speak with our course advisors. Start your English journey now. Register and pay for your blended English course online.
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