Episode 2: Black History Month

In this rather special episode celebrating Black History Month we hear stories showcasing the diversity of the British Council.

Our contributors are going to be telling us about their families, and their experiences growing up, sharing secret recipes and corny jokes, and telling us about a few of their favourite songs! 

Also, to celebrate Black History Month, some of our students have been learning about slam poetry, a fusion between hip hop and poetry. And we’ve picked our top three to play for you here, so keep listening until you’ve heard them all, then tell us which is your favourite on our homepage.


  • Kaal Kaczmarek
  • Matt Cox
  • Ameena Afzal
  • Louise Kakoma
  • Fatema Dias
  • Maria Carvalho
  • Mafalda Cruz
  • Joana Bastos
  • Nicole Balodis
  • Nicki Bailey