It’s the Festive Season and the time for simple, comforting pleasures: eating, drinking, giving, receiving ......and listening to podcasts! There are gifts for everyone in this episode! 

This Sunshiny Day Festive Season podcast features illuminating insights into the Jewish festival of Hanukkah, along with a delectable traditional recipe. 

There are some terribly corny Christmas jokes, and a reading of a classic Christmas story. 

In our Desert Island Castaway section we feature a rather talented writer who also happens to be a British Council Portugal teacher. Who could it be? Could it be your teacher? 

Finally, 03 December was the International Day for People with Disabilities and we’ve got a very thought-provoking interview with a former British Council student who is a passionate advocate and social media influencer for disabled people’s rights. 

You can check out her appearance at TEDxMatosinhos on YouTube here: 


  • Matt Cox
  • Kaal Kaczmarek
  • Fatema Dias
  • Mark Phillips
  • Emilia Lemanski
  • Grace Anderson
  • Catarina Oliveira
  • Peter Blackburn’s carol singers. 
  • Jamie Nunes Cox
  • Lily Nunes Cox