a group of students and an ielts invigilator

From April 2023 onwards, we no longer deliver Cambridge English exams in Portugal.

Below you will find an overview of the range of our English language tests for all purposes, ages and needs. 

Are you looking for a flexible English test to prove your language skills for studying, working or migrating? 

Study and work in English

If you want to study or work in an English-speaking environment and need an English language test to prove your language skills, you can take the IELTS test with us.

IELTS is a high-stakes English test for international study, migration and work. It tests all four skills, the rating from 0 - 9 is mapped to the CEFR and you can choose between IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training tests.

You can take IELTS on a computer or paper and the results, available after 13 days, are recognised and trusted by over 11,500 organisations in 140 countries around the world.
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Work, study and live in the UK

If you would like to immigrate to the UK and need a visa, you can take the secure English language test, IELTS for UK Visas and Immigration.
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a group of students taking the aptis esol test

Do you need an affordable and quick English test to prove your English language skills to your employer? 

If you need to prove your ability to communicate in English in real-life situations and need quick results, you can take our Aptis ESOL test. 

Aptis ESOL is computer-based, only takes two hours and the results are available just 72 hours after the test. You can choose from a wide range of test dates and the results are mapped to the CEFR standards to ensure the test results are valid globally. 

Aptis ESOL for schools

Reliable and accurate English language testing is essential for improving student learning and raising the quality of language education. Aptis ESOL Advanced and Aptis ESOL Teachers offer CEFR- mapped assessment at all levels for students and teachers.

If you are interested in Aptis ESOL for your school, college or second education institution, please send an email to our official Aptis ESOL partner, Learning School Certification Centre, at nelson.soares@learningschool.info 

Aptis ESOL is available in three variants in Portugal: Aptis ESOL General, Aptis ESOL Advanced & Aptis ESOL Teachers

If you want to certify your level up to and including B2, you should take Aptis ESOL General. 

If you need to prove your proficiency at C1 or C2 level, then Aptis ESOL Advanced is the right test for you.

Aptis ESOL Teachers evaluates general English proficiency of teachers, with tasks based on scenarios teachers come across daily.
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