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You can register your group of students for the Cambridge English exams here - the sessions are organised throughout the year in twenty locations across Portugal and at schools' premises.

Cambridge English exams are well-trusted by thousands of educational and professional institutions across the world. By organising Cambridge English exams at your school, you will benefit from:

  • larger number of exams sessions within a year
  • no stress concerning either travelling to a different city or to a new venue unknown to the candidate, as the exam takes place in the institution where they learn or work
  • all examination parts organised in your institution
  • discount examination fee
  • registration run online
  • results available online.

How to choose the best exam session for your students

There are two types of exam sessions we can organise for you:

  1. You can register for an open session at the British Council exams centre, this is available to everyone. We organise sessions regularly throughout the year in 15 cities in Portugal. Your students will take the exam with other candidates registered individually or by other teachers and schools. The exam will be held in venues provided by the British Council.
    For group registration we offer only paper based Cambridge English exams in open sessions.
  2. You can organise an exam session exclusively for your candidates at your school premises. We can organise the exam (both written and speaking parts) anywhere in Portugal. There are only two requirements you need to meet:
  • the minimum number of candidates sitting an exam is 30
  • an appropriate venue where all the examination parts can be held. All venues must meet official standards of venues for examination sittings (More information can be found below). 

An exam session organised on your premises is called a closed session.

We offer paper based Cambridge English exams in closed sessions for schools exams only.

How to register your group for the Cambridge English exams

Contact your centre for registration forms and details.

Find out more detail below:

Exam venue requirements

Please note that registering institutions have to meet official exam halls standards to ensure the high quality of exams services provided on the test day.

Addvantage Partnership Programme

If you register for the Cambridge English exams with the British Council, you can enjoy benefits reserved for our partners gathered in the Addvantage Partnership Programme

By signing up to the Addvantage Partnership Programme your school or institution joins an exclusive group of organisations co-operating with the British Council and receives an attractive package of bonuses designed especially for our regular clients.