Famelab Portugal - Winner 2010 - Alexandre Aibeo
FameLab 2010 winner - Alexandre Aibéo

With a PhD in Astronomy and Professor at the Polytechnic of Viseu, Alexandre has been devoted to the advancement of scientific culture since he was an undergrad student. The participation in the FameLab 2010 appears like a challenge: would three minutes be enough to tell a story and get people to think about science? In the qualifying stage, he tries a shorter version of an already tested content, but in the national final, he attempts to do something more ambitious: a story with several layers trying to get the audience to wonder about what it is made from.

This participation takes him to the Cheltenham Science Festival, where he comes into contact with other formats of scientific culture promotion that, later, tries to implement in Portugal. A high point of this activity is the publication, in 2012, of the scientific outreach book "This is not (just) Mathematics". He continues to give lectures, experimental sessions, informal talks, to help young science communicators in public engagement, and is currently implementing a new session model dedicated to children.