Famelab Portugal - Winner 2014 - Marta Santos
FameLab 2014 winner - Marta Santos

I have always been passionate about science communication, and from the moment I heard about FameLab I knew I had to participate. There was only one problem: my nervousness whenever I gave a presentation...

On the national final I talked about the relationship between the size of a part of our brain - the neocortex - and the number of social ties, of friendships, that we can manage at the same time. In addition to the honour of representing Portugal in Cheltenham, I feel that my greatest victory on FameLab was losing my stage fright.

During and after my PhD in Physics I did scientific research, but recently I decided to devote myself  completely to science communication, having completed a master's degree in this area. On the last year I have worked on the Ciência Viva Agency - the Portuguese National Agency for Scientific and Technological Culture, and recently I have started working on the project ClimAdaPT.Local - Municipal Strategies for Adaptation to Climate Change in the communication with the public and the media. In 2015 I was part of the jury of FameLab Portugal.