Famelab Portugal - Winner 2015 - Bárbara Teixeira
FameLab 2015 winner - Bárbara Teixeira

Bárbara Teixeira was born in 1991 and she always had an interest in stories.

From the fictional kind, in literature and film, to the real kind, in people and nature, and that motivation to learn and understand made her want to study life a little deeper.

After graduating in Biology in Universidade Lusófona de Lisboa her delight in communicating took her to working with children in science related activities at Science4you, and later as a contestant in FameLab, having been the Portuguese winner in 2015.

It was there that her attention turned even more to communication, making her want to study start a Masters degree in Science Communication at Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

She continues to try to fascinate people directly as a Marine Educator at Oceanário de Lisboa and in the future she would like to still be involved in what captivates her the most, the stories that remain to be discovered and the ones that are still to be told.