How are the results presented?

The results from Aptis ESOL are presented in three ways:

  • Numerical score: A score of 0 to 50 for each component.
  • CEFR level for each skill
  • An overall CEFR level

Before applying to any university, institution or programme that requires an English level certificate, please check with the relevant institution that Aptis ESOL is one of the certifications accepted for that effect.

Aptis ESOL has been around for over 11 years, it is widely recognised in Spain, having arrived in Portugal just over a year ago. We are continuously working and contacting various entities (universities and organisations) so that Aptis ESOL is recognised and accepted as an English certification by more and more Portuguese institutions. 

Preview a sample Aptis ESOL results report (PDF)

Your Aptis ESOL result

Your Aptis test results will be issued between 48 and 72 hours (excluding weekends and public holidays) after the date of the test and will be sent to you by e-mail.

Understanding your Aptis ESOL result

Aptis ESOL scores reflect candidates ability to understand and communicate in English. Find out more about Aptis ESOL results and how to read the score report.

Receiving your certificate

After your results have been sent by email, the British Council has a period of seven working days to print, validate and prepare your Aptis ESOL certificate. The certificate will always be sent by certified post, with no extra cost to you. Please note that we do not offer an in-person pickup service for certificates in any of our centres. 

It should take between 3 to 5 working days for your certificate to arrive by post once it has been sent. You should receive your certificate up to 17 working days after the date of your test.

Please note that delivery dates may be affected during the Christmas and New Year period due to the extra pressure on the postal service.

Can I request a review of my result?

If you are not happy with your results, you can request your test to be re-marked. This service is known as Enquiry on Results. You can make an Enquiry on Results request at any point up to eight weeks after the test day. The current fee is 50 euros.

Please note that according to the paragraph 14.2 of British Council Terms and Conditions of the Aptis ESOL test, the British Council does not allow candidates, test centres or institutions to see or review the answers of the marked Aptis ESOL tests in any instance of the marking process and/or as part or after an Enquiry into Results. This is in line of practice of other Awarding Boards and the British Council would not provide exam answers under a subject access request.

How to submit an Enquiry on Results?

You should submit your Enquiry on Results request via our online form available at the end of the page, together with a proof of payment to the centre where you took your Aptis ESOL test.

How does it work?

You may only ask for a re-marking of the entire test, and not for a single component. Grammar and vocabulary, reading and listening components checks are conducted by the system, to ensure they have been marked accurately.

The speaking and writing components are re-marked by senior examiners. Re-marked test results are considered final.

If your overall CEFR level increases after the re-marking, you will be refunded the full enquiry on results fee, and we will issue you with a new Aptis ESOL certificate.

If your CEFR level remains the same or changes in a single component, but the overall CEFR level does not change, the fee will be retained, and you will be informed.

The outcome of the Enquiry on Results is considered final. The results from the remarking process will be available after ten working days.

View the Aptis ESOL Appeals and Complains Policy

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