Parceiros Aptis ESOL

In partnership with Learning School and Profesor Nelson Soares, the National English Certification Project is developed with School Groups and Municipalities across the country, giving students the opportunity to certify their degree of proficiency in English, with the quality seal of the British Council. This is a project aimed at students aged 13 and over and adults interested in obtaining a certification in English.  

The National English Certification Project includes online preparation classes, taught by native teachers, enrolment and completion of the Aptis ESOL General, Aptis ESOL Advanced or Aptis Teens test, as well as an English language certificate issued by the British Council, under the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). The Aptis ESOL test is taken at the school attended by the students under the supervision of a British Council team. 

To prepare for the Aptis ESOL General / Advanced or Aptis Teens test, students can attend up to 3 lessons per week, each lasting 1 hour. All preparation lessons are conducted online by a team of native-speaking teachers who have been trained for this project. Lessons include: preparation for the various components of the test (reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar and vocabulary), test familiarisation, tactics, speaking test practice, question analysis, time management, tips and advice, short practice tests to help students develop their English level and exam technique.  

To register for the project, book lessons and a date for the Aptis ESOL (General / Advanced) or Aptis Teens test, you can go directly to our partner's page.  

If you wish to learn more about our partner or have any request/question, please send it to this email address:

"Schools consider that Aptis ESOL will be, very soon, the most important test in Portugal and Teachers consider that Aptis ESOL is the most pedagogical, trustful and accurate test in the market."

"Directors and teachers are proud of having Aptis ESOL in their schools. This way they are giving the opportunity to every member of its educational communities to do a test and certify his/her English"

Professor Nelson Soares

NOTE: Before applying to any university, institution or programme that requires an English level certificate, please check with the relevant institution that Aptis ESOL is one of the certifications accepted for that effect.