Aptis ESOL General is a four-skills general English proficiency exam which assesses language proficiency from A1 to B2 on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). If you demonstrate a level superior to a B2 you will be awarded a C level.

You take Aptis ESOL General on a computer in British Council supervised face-to-face test sessions.

Aptis ESOL General allows you to evaluate all four language skills; speaking listening, reading, and writing and test your grammar and vocabulary knowledge.

Aptis ESOL General format

Grammar and Vocabulary 25 0 - 50 50*
Speaking 12 CEFR A1 - C /0-50 4
Writing 50 CEFR A1 - C /0-50  4
Listening 40 CEFR A1 - C /0-50  17
Reading 35 CEFR A1 - C /0-50 4

* 50 questions (25 + 25)

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