Aptis for teachers

Aptis ESOL For Teachers is a general English proficiency test that is adapted for the educational context, assessing levels up to B2 on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). Candidates who demonstrate a level superior to a B2 are awarded a C. 

Aptis ESOL Teachers tasks and questions relate to the scenarios that teachers come across every day. This enables test takers to focus purely on the actual language being tested.

Aptis ESOL For Teachers is for:

  • English teachers working in schools, colleges and universities
  • Teachers of other subjects in schools, colleges, universities  
  • English teachers in large scale language programmes  
  • Students on teacher training or university programmes  
  • Other professionals working in educational contexts

If you have any questions about Aptis ESOL, please email: exams.portugal@pt.britishcouncil.org