Episode 1

In this episode you can hear:

  • Kids Create
    one student demonstrates her hobby!
  • Amazing Families
    a funny story about a grandmother, a Christmas cake and a sleepy dog! !
  • My Secret Recipe
    spice up your life with this delicious dish!
  • Just for Laughs
    time for a joke!
  • Desert Island Treasure Chest
    what would you take with you to a desert island? Our teacher,Carla McManus shares her prized possessions.
  • Poetry Corner
    an amazing contemporary poem that is perfect for these times! 
  • British Council’s Got Talent
    one teacher reveals her special talent – don’t miss it!



  • Lily & Jamie
  • Richard Fleming
  • Kaal Kaczmarek
  • Matt Cox
  • Nicole Balodis
  • Carla McManus
  • Grace Anderson
  • Kate Sedas