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We frequently work with universities, schools and other educational institutions wishing to register their candidates for the IELTS test.

There are two types of IELTS sessions we can organise for you:

Open session

You can register for an open session available to everyone. We organise IELTS sessions regularly throughout the year in 5 locations in Portugal. Your students will take the test with other candidates registered individually or by other teachers and schools. The exam will be held in venues provided by the British Council. There is no minimum number of candidates that you need to register for a single session.

Session at your premises

Contact us directly if you are thinking of organising a session at your premises.

How to register

Once you have decided which IELTS session is best for your group, follow the steps below on how to register.

Open session of the IELTS test

To register your candidates for the IELTS test you need to:

  1. Contact us that you want to register a group of candidates.
  2. Choose one of 5 IELTS test centres in which we organise IELTS sessions.
  3. Check what fees we offer for schools and institutions.
  4. Choose a convenient IELTS test date.
  5. Register your candidates and enjoy the privileges of becoming our IELTS partner (see below)

IELTS session at your premises

Contact us directly if you are thinking of organising a session at your premises.