InEnglish Digital 09

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InEnglish Digital is an e-zine for teachers of English written by teachers and other ELT professionals from different Portuguese speaking countries.

The magazine contains a wide range of articles which will be of interest to all educators of English. The magazine appears twice a year.

If you have any comments on any of our issues or suggestions for future issues please email us. If you are interested in writing an article for InEnglish Digital please contact us

Previous Issues

IED 10

This 10th edition of InEnglish Digital addresses the single biggest worry for teachers everywhere: the state of education (for example, how testing has taken over from teaching) and the way that teachers have become buried in bureaucracy.

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IED 09

This edition of InEnglish Digital focuses on the theme of cybersafety. We wanted to make a feature of the dangers faced by young people when using the Internet unsupervised and what implications this has for teachers in the classroom.  

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IED 08

This edition of InEnglish Digital, the eighth, asks the question: ''How creative can you be?"

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IED 07

InEnglish Digital 07 focuses on Challenging the educational paradigm 

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IED 06

InEnglish Digital 6 focuses on the role of technology in the classroom.

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IED 05

InEnglish Digital 5 focuses on issues in Portugal.

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IED 04

InEnglish Digital 4 has a special feature on education in Brazil.

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IED 03

InEnglish Digital 3 looks at matters concerning Mozambique.

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IED 02

InEnglish Digital 2 concentrates on teaching in Angola.

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IED 01

InEnglish Digital 1 features a wide range of articles from using picture books in the classroom to a cry to rethink the purpose of education.

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