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How can we help your school?

Read how we have helped other schools in Portugal. See which of our five packages is best for you, then contact us.

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Your students – our classrooms

You can send your classes to our premises. 

We can teach groups of your students using our syllabuses, or our innovative courses in "teaching English through…" drama, cookery and so on.

Our teachers on your premises

We can give English classes in your school.

We will send you fully-qualified native-speaker level teachers who will teach our courses or other extra-curricular activities on your premises.

Teacher development

We can offer workshops, seminars and courses in teaching English. 

These range from language development and classroom management skills, to specialist training in CLIL and Bilingual teaching. 

These can also lead to qualifications, such as TKT and British Council distance training courses using Moodle.

The workshops and courses can be on our premises or on yours.

In some of our centres, we also offer Teacher Development Workshops which are open to the public – you could also send your teachers to those. Find out more on our Teach English pages, or contact us for more details.

Problem solving and consultations

Perhaps you have a particular problem with the teaching of English in your school and would like our help and support?

In the past we have helped schools through advising on syllabus design, running exam preparation courses, and advising on teacher development programmes.  We also work with schools which are introducing a bilingual or CLIL programme.

The British Council is a global organisation, and we have access to a vast range of resources and skills, including many online resources. Together we can find the solution to improve your school.

Let us help you. Contact us to discuss this further.

British Council Testing Service

We can offer schools a range of options:

  • Administer University of Cambridge Tests on your premises*. You can offer the full range of Starter. Mover and Flyer tests. 
  • Make your school a Cambridge Examinations Centre. You will then be able to register your own candidates on your premises, access their results, and provide them with a better service.

Contact our Testing Services for more information.

*n.b. minimum numbers apply

Still not sure which is the best solution for you?

Why not talk it over with us? We can help you to find how to achieve your training needs within a particular budget. 

To make an appointment, please contact us.