Reliable and accurate English language testing is essential for improving student learning and raising the quality of language education.

Aptis can be integrated into education systems, allowing students’ English levels to be measured effectively and efficiently over time.

Aptis for Teens, Aptis ESOL Advanced and Aptis ESOL for Teachers offer CEFR mapped assessment at all levels for students and teachers.

Underpinned by the latest research in English assessment, Aptis test design, scoring and delivery are managed to the highest quality assurance and monitoring standards.


Aptis for Teens is a four-skills, computer-based English test designed for school-age learners aged 13 to 17 and assessing levels A1 to B2 on the CEFR.

Aptis for Teens tests ability to interact in English in real-world situations, with test format and question types adapted to reflect everyday teenager life and experience. Aptis for Teens offers superior customised flexibility, with on-demand delivery when you want where you want and how often you want.

If you are interested in Aptis ESOL for your school, college or second education institution, please send an email to our official Aptis partner, Learning School Certification Centre, at:

“I had never taken one of these exams, the truth is, it was a little difficult but worth it”

“As it’s done on the computer, you don’t take that long, the listening is clear and you can see the timing”


Aptis ESOL Advanced can assess higher levels in school age students up to C2 on the CEFR. Find out more about Aptis ESOL Advanced.


Aptis ESOL for Teachers evaluates general English proficiency of teachers, with tasks based on scenarios teachers come across daily. Find out more about Aptis ESOL for Teachers.

You can learn more about both Aptis ESOL Advanced and Aptis ESOL for Teachers in the Candidate Guides below. 

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