Famelab Portugal - Winner 2011 - Leonor Medeiros
FameLab 2011 winner - Leonor Medeiros

It is with great pleasure that I am part of the Famelabbers family, for what it means to have lived a unique and fabulous experience, overcome limitations in communication, and experience the true transdisciplinarity of science communication.

As an archaeologist, from the social and human sciences, at first I felt somewhat different among the group, but we all shared a great passion for what we do and a willingness to pass it to others. That passion was my main motivation engine to create the text and overcome the various phases of the competition.

The coordinators and colleagues at FameLab, now a family of friends, gave me valuable advice and tools to better communicate, which I continue to expand. Since then I definitely took science communication as a part of my research work, improving some communication events for the public that I already coordinated (come to the next Festa da Arqueologia!), and I even joined the Cientistas de Pé to communicate science through stand-up comedy.

Meanwhile I did my PhD in the US (at Michigan Technological University), where I specialized in Industrial Heritage and Archaeology, focusing on the sustainable development of local communities through heritage. Today I am teaching at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities - New University of Lisbon (FCSH-UNL), in the archaeology program, helping to prepare the next generation of archaeologists. And always insisting that they get used to also communicate beyond the academic and professional environment!

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